Bid Information

Ready to bid for an award/position/host a conference? 

All the information you will need is right here! 

If you have any questions please contact the CO for Recognition and Service at

RBC Bid Timeline

Bid Intents Due: January 28th

Bids Due: February 4th

Bids Posted: February 11th

Bid Intent

If you want to write a bid, please fill out the bid intent located here.

RBC Bids

Conference Host Bids

  • RLC 2022 Host

  • RBC 2023 Host

Award Bids

  • First Year Experience

  • NCC of the Year

  • NRHH Building Block of the Year

  • NRHH-CC of the Year

  • NRHH President of the Year

  • RHA Building Block of the Year

  • Student Staff Member of the Year


Positional Bids

  • Director

  • Associate Director of Administration and Finance

  • Associate Director of NRHH

  • Coordinating Officer for Development & Education

  • Coordinating Officer for Marketing

  • Coordinating Officer for Relations & Inclusion

  • Coordinating Officer for Recognition & Service

Bidding Support Guides

Our CO for Recognition and Service, Ataia has compiled the following guides for you to use ar resources when bidding.

Award Bidding Guide

Award Bidding Checklist

Short Bids Guide

Positional Bidding Checklist

Conference Bidding Checklist

How to Bid for and Host a Conference

If you need any assistance or have questions please feel free to book a meeting with our CORS, Ataia here.