Frequently Asked Questions

NACURH and GLACURH can be confusing at times. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers! If your question was not answered here, please feel free to email a member of the Regional Board of Directors!

NACURH Questions

How is NACURH structured?

The operating structure of NACURH is comprised of eight regional affiliates and two offices. Each region is responsible for all schools in its geographic area. The NACURH Corporate Office (NCO) handles association-wide responsibilities and all NACURH merchandise.

On the regional level, each region is led by a Regional Board of Directors (RBD) elected by the school representatives from that region. Each Regional Director and their Associate Director of Administration and Finance also sit on the National Board of Directors (NBD). The NBD is comprised of the Director and Finance Officer from each region, the Director and Finance Officer of each of the national offices, as well as four executives elected by the NBD from their own ranks. These executives are the NACURH Chairperson, NACURH Associate for Finance, NACURH Associate for Administration, and NACURH Associate for NRHH.  The Associate Director of NRHH sits on the NACURH NRHH Board, which is presided by the NAN.  In addition, the Conference Resource Consultant and the NACURH Advisor also sit on the board.

In most circumstances, each of the eight regions receives one vote, with the offices and national executives participating in discussion only. For more details, please contact the NRHH Advisor at or refer to the NACURH Bylaws and Policy Book, both of which can be found on our Governing Documents page.

What do all those acronyms mean?

AAFN – Association of Alumni and Friends of NACURH
ACUHO-I – Association of College and University Housing Officers – International
CO – Coordinating Officer
CTD – Commitment To Diversity Award
CRC – Conference Resource Consultant
DSA – Distinguished Service Award
FYE – First Year Experience Award
NAA – NACURH Associate for Administration
NAF – NACURH Associate for Finance
NACURH – National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc.
NBD – National Board of Directors
NNB- NRHH National Board
NCC – National Communications Coordinator
NCC-it – National Communications Coordinator in Training
NIC – NACURH Information Center
NRHH – National Residence Hall Honorary
NSRO – NACURH Services and Recognition Office
OCM – On Campus Marketing
OTM – “Of The Month”
POY – Program of the Year Award
RBD – Regional Board of Directors
RFI – Resource File Index
SALT – Student Award for Leadership Training
SOY – School of the Year
STOY – Student of the Year

Affiliation Questions

How much are dues, and when must I pay them?

Dues are currently $110 per year. Schools with under 1,000 students living in university (on-campus) housing pay a reduced rate of $85 per year. A school may also choose a one time only Associate membership, which provides all benefits of affiliation except voting rights at conferences. Dues for the Associate membership are only $35. These fees are for both RHA and NRHH affiliation as passed at NACURH 2007.The affiliation year lasts from the end of one National Conference to the end of the next. For example, the current affiliation year ends at the close of business of the NACURH national conference.

How do voting rights work?

A school is granted voting rights at conferences if they are a fully affiliated school in good standing with NACURH. To be in good standing, a school must have paid their dues, submitted an approved NCO report, and have a NACURH debt of less than $10. The NCO representative at a conference must certify a school’s good standing by the start of business for a school to have voting rights at that conference. For this reason, we HIGHLY recommend schools send their dues payment and NCO report to the NCO at least two weeks prior to a conference to allow adequate mailing and processing time. Otherwise, please bring these materials directly to the conference, where an NCO representative will be happy to assist you. The NCO representative has the final say in voting rights and affiliation matters and is unable to make exceptions to these guidelines.

Conference and Bidding Questions

What are intents to bid?

An Intent to Bid is an e-mail stating a school’s or individual’s intent to bid for a particular award, position, or conference. Intents to Bid are used by the Regional Director to help schedule time for bid presentations and discussion during GLACURH business meetings.

Who can I talk to about bidding?

You can reach out to the Coordinating Officer for Recognition and Service at or Regional Director at with any questions you may have! In addition, consult the Governing Documents section of the site for a good reference on policy!

What can I do to prepare for a conference?

There are many things you can do to prepare for a conference, both as a CC and a delegate!

First, make sure you and your institution are registered and affiliated with NACURH and GLACURH. You will have to pay a fee if you are not affiliated.

Second, make sure your check is sent to the conference early or that you bring it with you to the conference. NACURH has a very strict no pay, no key policy and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Third, read all the bids and legislation! Remember, you are voting on behalf of your institution.

Lastly, be sure to prepare your delegates for the conference. Whether this be teaching them cheers, going over the schedule, or trading numbers, as it is always important to keep in contact. If you have any questions, reach out the conference chairs or anyone on the RBD. Their contact information is can be found on the RBD page!

Regional Questions

What is the RBD?

The Regional Board of Directors, or RBD for short, is made up of students leaders across the region. The board is lead by the Directorship (Director, Associate Director for Finance and Administration, and Associate Director of NRHH), and consists of the Directorship and the Regional Communication Coordinators (RCCs) from each state/province in GLACURH. The board also includes two professional advisors, a parliamentarian, and the regional conference chair(s).

How can I stay updated with what's going on?

You can stay involved and updated by following us on Twitter, joining our group on Facebook, being active in our committees, and joining our mailing list to receive weekly updates in the MOWII Mondays! Sign up for the MOWII Mondays on the "Get GLACURH Mail" page!

NRHH Questions

What is NRHH?

The National Residence Hall Honorary is representative of the top 1% of student leaders in Campus Housing based on GPA and involvement. NRHH was established by the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) in order to recognize outstanding efforts of residents across the nation. NRHH founded on the four pillars: leadership, service, recognition, and academics. Contact you AD-NRHH ( for more information about how you can get involved!

Do I need an NRHH chapter to submit OTMs?

No! Anyone can submit OTMs, regardless of if they are in NRHH or not!

What is an OTM?

OTMs are “Of the Months” which are a way to recognize the amazing things going on at your campus. This recognition starts on your campus level and can possibly reach regional and national levels.

Need help with submitting OTMs? Check out the NRHH Page or contact your Regional Associate Director for NRHH or the NACURH Associate for NRHH!