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Regional History

GLACURH was formed in 1968 as part of the Midwest region at the 1968 MACURH Conference. The states now within GLACURH grew very large and seceded from MACURH, forming its own region. There are eight regions in NACURH, stretching from the east coast, north to Canada, south to Mexico, and west to Australia. These eight regions function on their own, each holding a regional conference and a regional business meeting.

Regional conferences are held in the late fall and regional business meetings held in the early spring. Each region elects its own board of directors as well as rewards member schools in their region. The director and associate director represent the region on the National Board of Directors (NBD).


GLACURH is an organization that helps the facilitation of ideas between schools. Through the organization we provide member schools with the resources for the exchange of information to improve their campus climate and develop strong leaders at their respective institutions. This is achieved through business meetings, informational materials and the annual conference, which serves to foster the exchange of ideas. These gatherings also allow students time to grow as leaders and individuals through programming and networking with member schools.

GLACURH also helps schools generate program initiatives at their respective colleges and universities. Through a motivational and inspirational display of school spirit and a commitment to benefiting on-campus students, the conference encompasses the true essence of the organization. As an entity of NACURH, Inc. GLACURH strives to provide a diverse environment to build on the foundation created at the universities and colleges of conference delegates and National Communication Coordinators.

GLACURH recognizes that the students comprising the membership of our organization are of different abilities, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, genders, personal beliefs, and political affiliations. As such, GLACURH strives to be a truly representative body of a truly multicultural population and is committed to promoting an atmosphere conducive to embracing and celebrating individual differences and lifestyles. We accept the responsibility to act aggressively and proactively toward educating our membership. We strongly encourage schools to build conference delegations representative and inclusive of the diversity of the people of their individual campuses. Ultimately, we strive for an understanding, appreciation, and celebration of diversity.

History Book

Curious about past Golden MOWII recipients? Interested to know who was on the Regional Board of Directors in 1996? Our GLACURH History Book contains our award winners, past RBDs, conferences, and any information you would like to know! 

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