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Of the Months (OTMs)

An OTM - “Of The Month” - is a nomination written by a student, staff or faculty member at a college or university for someone or something outstanding on their campus in the past month. OTMs are submitted to the OTM Database.

OTMs are often an NRHH chapter’s primary way of exercising the recognition value of the organization. When you see someone, a group of people or something (like a program) that deserves recognition, writing an OTM is a great way to start that recognition cycle. You should encourage your chapter and campus community to submit OTM nominations and submit them yourself!

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GLACURH OTM Selection Committee

Do you love recognition and OTMs? Do you have experience writing and selecting OTMs? Are you a member of NRHH or RHA, advisors included? Have you ever wanted to serve the region? If you answered yes to any of these please consider serving on the  GLACURH OTM Selection Committee! Click here to find the application!


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