What Are Polar Points?

Polar Points is GLACURH’s first incentive point system created to recognize member schools and increase engagement in regional initiatives. Each member school affiliated with NACURH in the Great Lakes region is eligible and encouraged to compete in Polar Points. The winning member school will be congratulated at regional recognition at the NACURH Annual Conference!

How It Works:

So, your institution is ready and excited for Polar Points. But how do they work?
1. Attend a chat, participate on a task force, or do something else worth points
2. The designated RBD member will record your member school’s points
3. On the 20th of each month, point standings will be updated at glacurh.nacurh.org
4. Polar Points will run until one week before the NACURH Annual Conference
5. Points will be calculated and a winner will be announced at regional recognition

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